Stephen R Deutsch

Stephen R. Deutsch enlisted in the United States Coast Guard and went on active duty after graduating high school in New York City. Following his honorable discharge, he completed undergraduate studies at Wagner College in N.Y.C. earning a B.S. degree in economics and business.

Accepting a YMCA Youth Director position in N.J. in just 3 years Stephen R.'s extemporary performance led him to a Y Directorship in R.I.  He went on to earn graduate degrees in MA. and R.I. Professionally he has served as city and town planner, Economic Development, Adult Education, Housing Authority and Community Development Directors. He successfully ran his own real estate and development business for 30 years. Elected Town Councilman, State Representative and State Senator in Rhode Island he "retired" to Port Charlotte 19 years ago.

Elected County Commissioner Stephen has demonstrated that his unmatched educational and experiential background is only amplified by his impressive work ethic and dedication to serving the people of Charlotte County.

In 21 years of elected service Stephen R. Deutsch has never missed a session or a vote. His only goal is to make Charlotte County better for our children and grandchildren. Commissioner Deutsch has a long history of involvement in our community. He has been active at his church, the Homeless Coalition, Habitat for Humanity, YMCA, several veterans groups and numerous other organizations. Deutsch is a faith driven man who believes it is important to “give back”. He has demonstrated his leadership and ability to work well with others by building bridges of co-operation with all segments of our community.  His accessibility and dedication to the people of Charlotte County is unmatched. Stephen R. has served as Vice Chairman of the Commission, as Chairman of the West Coast Inland Navigation District (WCIND) and is past Chair and current vice chairman of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).


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